Consultancy and Community Service 

Faculty members in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) regularly participate in institutional professional and community service and outreach at local, national and international levels. Institutional and professional participation includes serving on university, college and departmental committees for strategic planning, accreditation, curricula, assessment and students, editorial boards for journal and conference publications, conference organizing committees, etc. and reviewing for journals, conferences or research awards.

CBE faculty and staff maintain working relationships with local, national and global organizations in order to enhance teaching, research, outreach, and ultimately student success. Faculty are currently involved in numerous internally and externally funded research projects that address the needs of business and society in the UAE.  Students, undergraduate and/or graduate, are collaborating with faculty experts on several of these research projects in order to enhance their research and critical thinking skills. 

Faculty in the CBE’s four academic departments offer their knowledge and expertise through consulting, training, research, and outreach with public and private organizations around the country and even outside the UAE.  Examples include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Department of Accounting faculty work closely with accounting firms in order to contribute to the development of the accounting profession in the country and region.
  • Department of Business Administration faculty have been successful in conducting problem-solving initiatives for local businesses through research-based innovative solutions and publishing about these experiences.
  • Department of Economics and Finance faculty often share their expertise through conference and workshop presentations on environmental economics, energy economics, international trade and investment, Islamic finance and risk management.
  • Department of Statistics faculty members regularly organize and present workshops and training on the use of statistics in the workplace.  


Jun 20, 2017