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Joint Event AUS-UAEU: Trading Competition

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UAEU students specialized in finance took part Wednesday, April 26th in the 2nd Trading Competition jointly organized by the Department of Finance of the School of Business Administration (SBA) of American University of Sharjah (AUS), with the Department of Finance of the College of Business and Economics (CBE) of UAE University (UAEU).

Twenty six undergraduate students participated in the event hosted by the Trading Room of SBA, AUS. Students were supervised by Dr. Chiraz Labidi and Dr. Jocelyn Grira from the CBE of UAEU as well as Bachir Chehab and Prof. Narjess Boubakri from the SBA of AUS. Participants gained hands-on experience in trading financial assets and spent four hours implementing investment strategies covered in the different courses of their finance curriculum.

A Trading room, also called Trading Floor or Finance Lab, is a special-purpose facility that provides real-time access to global financial markets’ resources and allows students to develop skills in investment and financial trading. It actively supports innovation in teaching finance courses, helps bridging theory and practice, facilitates research efforts through direct access to real-time data, and provides hands-on experience to students. UAEU plans to provide the students shortly with such an innovative facility on-campus.

May 14, 2017