Doctor of Business Administration

The DBA is a four-year blended part-time program and is structured in two stages. Stage One consists of two years of course work that covers research philosophies, qualitative and quantitative research methods, research in support of business functions, literature review & critique, and human factors and social responsibility. Stage Two lasts two years and comprises the DBA thesis. At this stage the formal teaching aspect of the program ends and students are expected to use the knowledge gained from Stage One to undertake a research investigation that represents an original contribution to professional thinking and practice and has high academic merit. DBA candidates often tackle issues of real importance to their own organizations, thus delivering high-utility outcomes and enjoying the rewards of seeing their solutions beneficially implemented. During this period, the student's work will be overseen by a Thesis Committee. The program is completed after successful submission and defense of the dissertation. For more details on this program, click here.

Program Objectives

  • Enabling senior managers to enhance their professional practice and contribute state-of-the-art knowledge in their chosen area of study.
  • Producing research oriented professionals with advanced capabilities in leadership and change management.
  • Allowing graduates to take back to their organizations increased understanding and conceptual thinking in business management at the highest level.
  • Enhancing competitive advantage for the executives and their organizations, by participating in discussions with academics and practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Develop oral presentations to communicate effectively and without guidance, using technologies to support the oral presentation of information where needed to academic and professional peers.
  • Write effectively to communicate highly complex and diverse matters to expert audiences.
  • Apply a range of mastered skills and techniques including synthesis, evaluation, planning and reflection, required to critically extend and redefine professional practice and knowledge.
  • Apply advanced skills in developing innovative solutions to critical problems using expert skills, demonstrating intellectual independence.
  • Act with authority, creativity, autonomy, independence, scholarly and professional integrity.
  • Demonstrate abilities associated with professional leadership of peer groups and teams.
  • Assess consistently and sensitively manage diverse ethical issues in highly complex contexts and make fair judgments.
  • Examine the complex social and cultural contexts of leadership.
  • Evaluate the state of research and practice in a business field and highlight possible ways to contribute to that field.
  • Create new knowledge in the field, through independent research, innovative and creative practical solutions to a challenging business problem through conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and adapting research processes in complex contexts.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 48 hours

Program Courses

Required Courses (48.00 hours)

Credit Hours
DBA900The Philosophy of Social Research1.500
DBA901Qualitative Research Methods4.500
DBA902Quantitative Research Methods4.500
DBA903Literature Review and Critique1.500
DBA904Research in Support Business Functions7.500
DBA905Introduction to Business Research1.500
DBA906Human Factors & Social Responsibility1.500
DBA907Research Elective1.500
DBA908Dissertation-Research Proposal6.000
DBA909Dissertation Research Part 16.000
DBA910Dissertation Research Part 2  112.000
1 : Min CH:0 to Max CH:12