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College Annual Research Program

As a dedicated research institution, the UAEU, including the College of Business and Economics, provides numerous opportunities for individuals and groups of faculty members and students to pursue a wide range of research projects.

Support is provided through grants such as the College Annual Research Program (CARP), the Faculty Research Seed Grant, the Center-Based Interdisciplinary Research Grant Competition, the Research Start-up Grant Competition, the UAEU Program for Advanced Research (UPAR) and the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE Plus). In addition, international conference travel funding is available at the college level.

Students undertaking a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) work closely with faculty on a range of applied and industry-relevant research topics.

The College Annual Research Program (CARP) was designed with the goal of encouraging faculty members to develop new research ideas, by providing grants for proposals of quality which will have a meaningful impact on teaching, theory and society.

Apr 18, 2017